Below are listed links to official Bujinkan websites both in Ireland and abroad of people I have trained with and respect. Also attached are some other related websites and sites for people interested in true budo martial arts. 



Bujinkan Dwyer Dojo Bujinkan Hickey Dojo
   Bujinkan Hombu Dojo  
Bujinkan Na Fianna Dojo
Bujinkan Ireland Bujinkan Lillis Dojo
Bujinkan Meehan Dojo Bujinkan Kouryuu
Bujinkan Butler Dojo Bujinkan Jiyu Dojo
Bujinkan Nevin Dojo


(Above is a list of links to related clubs. If you have got a link which you feel should be included, please forward it to the club leader by email)


   Henka   Budomart
Hanako Shugyo
Seigan Shop - Pedro Fleitas

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